East Essex Street



sometimes cool !!

written by gfr81
9 May 2008 at 18:39

I have been in this disco pub several times last summer...from monday to thursday you can find live music to have fun..in the week-ends evrything change...firstly become really hard to pass security entry without pay, then it's really crowded up all flats..in my opinion saturday night despite of all you can meet good people..tourists or polish imigrants and dance until 2 o'clock..no more..


the first time...

written by oettamuno
17 November 2007 at 18:49

I'll never forget the first time... because it was my first party evening in Dublin with my new friends...and it was the first pub where we went and we were satisfied of it...cool! it was croweded and full of energic girls!..but... when we came back 2 weeks l8r we realize that it was always full but not of Irish people...only tourists...like us 2 weeks before!


very nice discopub

written by LoZambo
26 October 2007 at 09:19

I went in Dublin last year so honestly I don't remember well all details of this pub.
It is is in the centre of the most turistic zone of Dublin where to wrong pub is not simple and to meet irish people is very dificult.
The pud is divide in two/three floor, discopub at the first floor, where you can find all kind of music and where sometime there are some groups that song live, while the last flor is a big terrace where relax and drink your pint of GUINNESS