The real Irish soul on the hill...

written by Gianpy
30 October 2007 at 16:21

You can't say to have been in an Irish pub if visiting Dublin you have not been to Johnnie Fox's pub !!!
Here you can still find the real Irish behaviour on how to spend a night singing & drinking as you should do in Dublin.
I've spent several wonderful night over here in the past, and thinking about them, I would liek to come back very soon !!!
Strongly suggested !


The Best in Ireland

written by nuble
1 October 2007 at 17:29

It's famous because is the highest pub in Ireland. It takes 30 minutes to get to Johnnie Fox from Dublini city but it really worth it. The sea food is very good, above all the salmon.. Old style charm live music everyday. If you are in Dublin you have to plan a trip to see this great and beautiful pub!